Many brands and models of ceiling fans available in the market. Thus, many users are having a hard time choosing the best ceiling fan for their homes.

I have listed the top 10 best ceiling fans in India which you’ll find below.

1. Usha Fans
Usha manufacturers make various types of ceiling fans, table fans, walk fans, exhaust fans, tower fans, and wall fans. The company designs product models that are designed with extreme caution. Usha fans come with a reliable and robust design. They also require less maintenance. Most of the products manufactured by Usha are very affordable, making the brand very popular.

Usha ceiling fans are available in various colors. The company uses superior technology for all its products, making them the number one choice in most Indian homes. With their low prices, you can easily get a high-quality Usha ceiling fans at affordable prices.

2. Bajaj Fans
Bajaj ceiling fans combine technical design with innovative designs, providing effective cooling solutions. The fans offered by Bajaj come in a wide range of colors, styles, and prices. Save yourself from the heat of summer by bringing a Bajaj Ceiling Fan at home today.

These fans are also stylishly designed to provide maximum functionality. The premium range of fans comes in four series, Anti-Germ & By-Buy, Disney & Marvel, Designer, and Underlight Series.

The performance range of Bajaj fans provides optimal functionality and is designed so that they complement the aesthetics of your room. This category of fans offers outstanding performances with classy finishes.

3. Orient Electric Fans
Orient Electric Limited is a well-known name in the Indian market. Having been in the industry for over 60 years, the manufacturer is known as a one-stop brand when it comes to the top ceiling fan brands in India.

They are the largest manufacturers and exporters of ceiling fans from India, with over 40 international markets. With over 4,000 dealers, Orient also has a well-organized distribution network in the Indian market. The manufacturer serves 450 cities in the domestic market.

4. Crompton Greaves Fans
Crompton Consumer Business offers a wide range of fans including exhaust fans, ceiling fans, table fans, walk fans, wall fans, and tower fans. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and has more than 150 maintenance centers in India.

Crompton is one of the best performing businesses in the industry. Apart from manufacturing quality products, the manufacturer also provides excellent customer service. Talking about energy efficiency, all their products are in the 5-star category. Crompton was the first company in 1989 to achieve more than 1 million sales.

5. Havells Fans
Havells ceiling fans are an essential part of every home. The manufacturer produces high-quality ceiling fans that are known for high performance, comfort, and safety. Havells Ceiling Fans are also available online at the best prices and they also come in various varieties.

The manufacturer's goal is to make your home feel like home. They offer decorative fans, energy-saving fans, undelight fans, metal fans, regular fans among other options. All of their products are known for their high performance and low energy usage.

6. Luminous Fans
Luminous Power Technology is one of the leading power and domestic electronic specialists in the Indian market. The manufacturer offers a large variety of power backup solutions including electrical offerings such as batteries and solar equipment, UPS and fans, switches, LED lighting, and wiring.

The company has 7 manufacturing units and over 28 offices in the domestic market. Luminous is one of the top sealing fan manufacturers that can make your life simple and comfortable.

7. Atomberg Fans
Atemberg Technologies offers a variety of Gorilla Fans that are specifically designed to meet your needs. All their sealing fans consume less power and they also come in modern designs.

Apart from the stylish designs available in various color options, ceiling fans will also reduce your power consumption by 65%. The Atomberg Technology Ceiling Fan has low air cutting noise, superior air delivery, and remote controls.

8. Ortem Fans
Metro Orteam is the top-rated manufacturer of high quality and energy-efficient exhaust and trendy ceiling fans. Its range of Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India nurtures customers widely for their attractive appearance and smooth finish.


9. Relaxo Fans
Relax Lovely Ceiling Fans provide the best style and performance at a reasonable price tag. The simple, classic design complements any type of home decor. This ceiling fan by Relxo performs well even at low voltage; The high lift angles of the blades provide wide air diffusion.

10. Indo Fans
Key elements in product development with classic and internal matching concepts, Indo fans have been able to successfully share consumer mindsets. Living in a tropical country where the climate of most states touches / touches C, Indo fans have become an important product for every household. From exhaust fan to ceiling fan and table fan to wall fan, all of our products pass through the energy rating given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Our product looks classic and elegant in the interior of each beautiful home.

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