Astrology has many uses and can provide insights into various disciplines, such as those related to rehabilitation, health, family, career and relationships. Most readings will relate to both the client's living story and their birth chart. Also, reading astrology is customized and organic and unique to any one person. Before complete reading, the astrologer will first need detailed information in your life. Once this information is known, it can benefit in many ways.

Some of the most attractive uses of astrology are:

Key Events: A useful reason for reading astrology is to organize an important event or have better information on time, such as opening a new business or setting a wedding date. Also, a horoscope can help inform important moments in life, such as signing a contract, getting involved in an accident, losing a job or getting your diploma.

Relationships: This gives an opportunity to learn more about someone in your life, such as a friend, partner, or parent, as well as an employee or others like your boss.

Location: Astrology chart is a useful tool for determining how a specific place will affect your life. This may be related to future relationships, education, holidays, family and work.

Career: A common type of reading will be related to future career prospects and will focus on issues such as long-term prosperity, skills and finances.


Health: The chart can help to give a spiritual reading on health-related issues (not medical diagnoses) that may include more research about current health conflict timelines, susceptibility to disease, or other health-related issues. .

Immediate Questions: Another type of reading is related to asking a specific question that may result from an important decision that may benefit from greater insight to help find the lost object. In most cases, this reading is done using interpretations and horror chart techniques.

There are lots of ways to use astrology in your life and will be used in a thoughtful, creative and conscious way.

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