Window air conditioners can be easily and quickly installed compared to split ACs. Since the AC unit is quite heavy, make sure to help you when installing it. Now, let the window AC be installed correctly.

The following is a list of tools you will need before installing Window AC
6-8 screws
Plywood (not compulsory)
a hammer
Measuring tape

And some biceps!


1. Measurement
Measure the height and width of the window AC. Ensure that measurements are made correctly as this will determine how stable the window AC will be during operation. Also, take window measurements and notice the difference in dimensions.

2. window frame to install AC
Now time to make a frame for AC. Use plywood to make a frame that matches the dimensions of the AC unit. Make sure the frame is strong and not moving.

3. Fitting of AC Cabinet
Take out the AC unit from the cabinet as shown in the picture. Now place the cabinet in the frame. You install the cabinet with a slight slope towards the outside. This is done to ensure that all condensed water flows out due to gravity. Fix the cabinet on the frame by screwing it down.

4. Replace the window AC in the cabinet
Now carefully lift the AC unit and place it slowly in the cabinet. Fit the AC with the front cover and filter and you're done.

5. Weatherproofing and Insulation
There should be no gaps in the window to ensure that the cooling of the window AC is optimal. Use foam to close any gaps and holes and seal them. This will also prevent dust and insects from entering the room. Use foam insulation tape to get a secure seal from outside.

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