How to choose the right watch according to the size of your wrist
When you buy a wristwatch at a physical store, it seems easy to choose the right watch for your wrist size. You wear it and if it feels comfortable, you buy it immediately. However, this is not so easy if you buy a wristwatch online. Whatever it is, it is essential that you know how to choose the right watch for your wrist size.

You should feel comfortable wearing a watch. It should not be too tight or loose on your skin. You need to measure the size of your wrist using a measuring tape or a strip of paper. To get the shape of the wrist, wrap it around your arm just below the wrist bone. Note down the measurement.

  • Very thin wrist-waists that measure 14 cm to 16 cm should not wear anything big and heavy because it feels awkward.
  • Thin wrist - If your wrist measures 16 cm to 17 cm, then you need to wear a thin and sophisticated watch.
  • Medium wrist - People with sizes from 17 cm to 18 cm are lucky because they have a wide range of watches that can suit them. They can select watches with these diameters: 38 mm, 40 mm and 42 mm.
  • Thick wrist-thick wrist (18 cm and above) may require larger watches, but the preferred measurement is 44 cm – 46 cm cases or perhaps slightly larger. Sports wrist watches usually look great in the shape of this wrist.


Best Ladies 2019 and different types of watch

  • Comfortable Watches - They are for everyday use and are the cheapest.
  • Dress Watches - These types of watches are thin and elegant, suitable for business and formal wear.
  • Analog Clocks - The most traditional type with the hour hand and minute hand and sometimes, second hand.
  • Digital clocks - Time is easy to read with LCDs displaying time and other information.
  • Hybrid Watches - A combination of digital and analog watches that can include fitness trackers or can be connected to smartphones.
  • Touchscreen watches - These are smartwatches with touchscreen displays that control the functions of the watch.
  • Fashion Watch - These are produced by Fashion Watch brands, which are known for their fashion reputation rather than their oversight. These brands that produce the best fashion watches for women are Anne Klein, Gucci, Gess, Michael Kors, Emporio Armaan, and more.
  • Luxury Watches - These are manufactured by companies that are famous for making watches. Most of these watches are Swiss and sold exclusively in limited numbers. Other luxury watches use precious metals, gems, gold, and diamonds to increase their value.
  • Quartz Watch - Made from quartz crystal oscillation, quartz is a common type that provides accuracy as well as strength and durability.
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